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CSIR-National Physical Laboratory

Physico-Mechanical Metrology

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (NPL-India) is mandated to be India’s “National Measurement Institute” (NMI) by an act of Parliament and its associated rules for legal metrology. CSIR-NPL is the custodian of “National Standards” with a responsibility of realization, establishment, up gradation, maintenance and dissemination of standards at par to international level through R and D and latest technology. CSIR-NPL’s National Metrology has not only championed in its primary mandate as the custodian of Measurement Standards for the nation but also served the Indian industry, academia and strategic sectors to excel in their endeavors.

CSIR-NPL maintains international equivalence of its standards by way of Inter-comparison. It represents India in CIPM – Mutual Recognition Arrangement of NMIs. It maintains a quality system in accordance with ISO- IEC 17025:2005 and its calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) are peer reviewed by international experts for mutual recognition. These CMCs are displayed in Appendix C of MRA at  http://kcdb.bipm.org/AppendixC/default.asp

This division has a mandate to realize, establish, upgrade, maintain and disseminate standards for various Physico-Mechanical parameters. These include, Mass, Length, Dimension and Nano-metrology; Optical Radiation; Force and hardness; Pressure, Vacuum and Ultrasonic s; Acoustics and Vibration; Fluid flow. The measurements capabilities of NPL are efficiently disseminated among various stake-holders in the country for the benefit of the nation.

We are offering dissemination of apex calibration facilities not only to Indian industries, strategic-sector, and academia and government agencies but also to the SAARC and other Nations. CSIR–NPL’s National Metrology, owing to its untiring efforts on precision measurement and its dissemination, has occupied a pivotal position for the all-round development of the country.

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Physico-Mechanical metrology Division provides Apex level calibration to the Nation, training and consultancy services, leading to Standardization of Industrial Products