सीएसआईआर-राष्ट्रीय भौतिक प्रयोगशाला

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory

Brief on Ongoing Projects / Completed Projects

  • Technical Services Project (TSP 200132) titled “Technical services for the preparation of specifications, budget estimate and vetting of specifications of various calibration systems required by DRDO-SASE to be established at Manali Centre”.
  • The above 12th Five-year plan project (Title: Measurement for Innovation in Science &Technology – MIST: PSC0111)was completed successfully which led to several initiatives and some of the achievements made in the project are highlighted below:
    (i) An experimental setup developed for Watt Balance which and demonstrated with a deviation of about 1 % to the established value of Planck constant and the efforts are continuing for the redefining of kilogram
    (ii) The Optical Radiation Metrology (ORM) group has pursued research in the area of Bio-spectroscopy, cancer diagnosis, photonics and quantum optics for applications, especially in quantum optical radiation metrology and bio-photonics, Multiple beam interferometry for optical information processing, Fundamental study on polychromatic dark hollow beams and interference effect by the field assisted surface plasmons.
    (iii) CSIR-NPL has successfully developed and realized the Fe-C eutectic fixed point cell [1153ºC] and Co-C [1324ºC] metal-carbon eutectic fixed points and measured for its repeatable performance using noble metal thermocouples. It has also designed the graphite crucible to make the Fe-C fixed point blackbody and is under fabrication works. NPLI is in one of the few NMIs to achieve this Metal-Carbon eutectic technology.
    (iv) It has standardized the Blackbody Calibrator for IR Clinical Thermometers, in the attempt of the mercury-free non-contact clinical IR Ear thermometer in the range from 35ºC to 42ºC and extensively tested for the standardization of commercially available IR ear thermometers, the measurements performed are within ± 0.2ºC. An acoustical light weight interior dry wall panel for high sound insulation has also been developed.
    (v) The critical component of the Boltzmann Constant project is the precision
    fabrication of spherical cavity acoustic resonator which require the multi-axis diamond turning facility to get the mirror finished surfaces with micro-meter tolerances of sensor positions to get the high quality factor and preferred modes in acoustic and microwave resonances. The resonator was designed in-house using Solid works platform and was fabricated. The pressure-vacuum vessel in which the acoustic resonator will be placed, has been fabricated as per our design and it have been successfully installed at 10 bar pressure and 10 -05 torr.
    (vi) An acoustical light weight interior dry wall panel for high sound insulation has also been developed.
  • Technical Services Project titled “Evaluation of Metrological Characteristics of Alcohol Meters supplied to U.P. Excise Department”.
  • Length and Dimension Metrology Section has a technical services project on “Establishment of reference standard for length at Regional Reference Standards Laboratory Bangalore using laser interferometer” in order to provide traceability to reference standards, sponsored by Legal Metrology, Ministry of consumer affairs, government of India. A grant of Rs. 110 Lakhs was received and indents have been raised for procurement of linear displacement laser interferometer and mechanical bed.
  • Temperature and Humidity Metrology group has a NCP project funded by CSIR, on “Realization and Dissemination of Boltzmann constant based new kelvin (K)” in order to develop the primary standard to realize kelvin. A grant of Rs. 72 Lakhs has been received for the financial year 2021-22.
  • Temperature and Humidity Metrology group has successfully completed the project entitled “Design, development, fabrication and establishment of testing and calibration facility for clinical thermometers (liquid-in- glass and electrical) with maximum device” of Rs. 119 Lakh, funded by Legal Metrology Department, Department of Consumer Affair.
  • CSIR-NPL is working on a MLP project, with budget of Rs. 540 Lakh, funded by CSIR entitled “Setting up Testing facility at CSIR-NPL, New Delhi for personal protection equipment’s (masks, gloves, gowns), ventilators and IR thermal scanner as per national/international standards”.
  • Another MLP project under FCP category, Rs. 1257 Lakh has been approved by CSIR for the project entitled “Strengthening Metrological Activity for Research and technology in Physico-Mechanical Parameters (SMART-PM)”.
  • Optical Radiation Metrology Section is working towards establishing a facility for calibration and LED based lighting. The project entitled “Creation of Testing and Calibration Facility for LED and LED based Lighting at NPL India as per National/International Standards” is jointly funded by BEE, Government of India and CSIR. The lab would house facility which would be instrumental to provide calibration, testing and consultancy services with respect to LED based lights. The laboratory would also be used to impart skill education in LED photometry through training. It would strengthen the measurement capability through international, bilateral and multilateral comparisons, Proficiency Testing and Inter-laboratory Comparisons.
  • Optical Interferometer Manometer (OIM): A quantum pressure standard, to establish the OIM at CSIR-NPL (cost nearly 3.92 crores) (FBR; MLP201532).
  • Design, Development, fabrication, and establishment of customized indigenous working standards for verification of blood pressure measuring instruments, Legal Metrology Department, Ministry of consumer affairs, GOI, Rs. 75.84 lakhs, Project No: TSP180532.
  • Development of Standard Ultrasonic Time Delay Blocks for 40 kHz to 50 kHz Applications: Ultrasonic pulse velocity reference blocks are used to verify the functionality of UPV testers. Industry in collaboration with NPL under consultancy project is working for the development of UPV reference ultrasonic delay blocks. The Objective is to develop standard ultrasonic reference bars with Transit Times of 25 us, 40 us, 50 us and 100 us etc.
  • Fabrication and establishment of pressure calibration system in the range up to 140 MPa, sponsored by National Council of Cement & Building Material (NCCBM), 34, Km Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road (NH-2), Near Metro Pillar No.P-950, Sector 4, Ballabgarh, Faridabad, Haryana – 121004, Rs. 10.14 Lakhs, Project No. TSP180332.
  • Fluid Flow Metrology Section has a Technical Services Project TSP210232 for Inspection of Water Meter Test Benches of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai for their performance evaluation and suitability for their use for testing and calibration of water meters.
  • CSIR-NPL is the custodian of measurement standards which requires continuous financial support from the funding agencies to maintain existing measurement standards and measurement facilities; to establish and develop new measurement standards and calibration facilities to cater the rapid industrial demand as per new technological advancements and to be at par with international NMIs and to upgrade, extend and intend measurement ranges and improve upon measurement uncertainties of existing measurement standards and measurement facilities. In view of this, recently CSIR-NPL has taken up a project (Strengthening Metrological Activity for Research and Technology in Physico-Mechanical Parameters -SMART-PM)for strengthening and stabilizing its mandate.