सीएसआईआर-राष्ट्रीय भौतिक प्रयोगशाला

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory

Gas Metrology

Gas metrology directly relate with the quality assurance of air and emission, health, energy, food, etc. and hence indirectly influence the life style of common people, trade, economy, and finally to the economic growth. CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India (NPLI), the NMI of India, has a major activity of Gas Metrology which includes realization of mole in gas measurements through gravimetric preparation of gas standards to provide the traceability to SI unit for emission, energy, GHGs and air quality measurements as per National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).

Gas metrology activity of a National Metrology Institute (NMI) has a direct role to play on the economic growth of that country. Therefore, this activity is an inherent and major part of any NMI in the world, and therefore at International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance (CCQM) has a separate sub-committee on the Gas Analysis Working Group (CCQM-GAWG). The details of internationally accepted mission of this activity are available on BIPM website (https://www.bipm.org/en/home)

Gas Metrology Activity at CSIR-NPL is underpinning measurements of gas and airborne particles in the field of global atmospheric monitoring of Green House Gases (GHGs), vehicular emissions and NAAQS parameters e.g., PM2.5/PM10, CO, SO2, NO2, Benzene and Particulate -Pb, -As and –Ni, etc. Available standards are CO2, CH4, CO, SO2, NO in nitrogen matrix and transfer standards of high volume PM2.5 sampler.

  • Dissemination of SI unit ‘mol’ by development of Primary Reference Gas Mixtures (PRGMs i.e. Gas BNDs) for greenhouse gases, pollution gases, energy and emission gases, particulate matter standard.
  • Participation in international inter-comparisons and to organise proficiency testing programme.
  • Calibration of particulate matter samplers and related testing and project jobs.
  • Air quality/emission related instrument development/ transfer standards.
  • Research and development for Gas and aerosol related reference methods, standards and instruments.
  • Organising workshop, training, awareness and skill development programs.