सीएसआईआर-राष्ट्रीय भौतिक प्रयोगशाला

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory

Pressure, Vacuum and Ultrasonic Metrology

Pressure, vacuum and ultrasonic metrology are the key metrological fields for industry, research and society because of their extremely wide range of applications in industrial processing, manufacturing, testing, medical science, environment monitoring, aviation, aerospace, road transport, fundamental research, semiconductors, coatings, displays production, fusion experiments, biotechnologies, autofrettage, engine development, water jet cutting machines, food production and sterilisation, development of automated systems require traceable measurement of extremely low or extremely high pressures, or measurements under dynamic conditions.

The main aim of the Pressure, Vacuum and Ultrasonic Metrology Section is to realize, maintain and disseminate the derived SI unit of pressure and vacuum – the pascal (Pa). The Group has been providing apex level calibrations in pressure, vacuum and ultrasonic measurements and maintains traceability of pressure and vacuum measurements at international level. The main objective and activities of the group are to establish, maintain and upgrade national primary and secondary standards of pressure, vacuum and ultrasonic measurements equivalent to international standards through continuous research and development. Over the years the group has achieved the global status of compatible measurement standards and calibration facilities.

  • Vacuum Standards:
    Calibration of different types of vacuum gauges, air and vacuum piston gauges /dead weight testers / pressure balances and various types of gauges such as Quartz Bourdon, Pirani, thermocouple, Penning, dial type, ionization, spinning rotor, capacitance diaphragm, inductive diaphragm, blood pressure measuring instruments in static conditions etc.

  • Pressure Standards:
    Calibration of piston gauges / dead weight testers / pressure balances, dial gauges, transducers, pressure transmitters (in absolute, gauge and differential modes), etc.

  • Ultrasonic Standards:
    Calibration and Testing of ultrasonicpower, equipments such as, ultrasonic transducers (angle, normal, focused beam, therapeutic), UFD, ultrasonic reference blocks (V1, V2 and step wedge), thickness gauge and reference rails. Also available are the facilities for ultrasonic velocity, impedance and attenuation measurements
  • Characterization of vacuum / air / pneumatic / hydraulic piston gauges/dead weight tester/pressure balances.

  • Setting up of calibrat