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CSIR-National Physical Laboratory

NPL Outreach for National Development (NPLONE)

CSIR NPL has developed a strong knowledge base, application base, and research infrastructure over the last 75+ years. The objective of this Research outreach programe is to make these facilities available to students across India for their research work.

For Information and Booking Please Contact:

Coordinator, NPLONE Program
CSIR- National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K S Krishnan Marg,
Phone : 011-45608637
Email : npl-one@nplindia.org

S.No.Equipment Name Growth/Characterization/FabricationModel/MakeStudies/ Measurements OfferedTentative Proposed Price/ Sample for the Study, GST ExtraSample Requirements for the StudyRemarks or any other Information
1Confocal Microscope System with Photoluminescence MappingWiTec Confocal Microscope System alpha300 M+ alpha300 M+ Spectroscopy Function with Mapping Functionality for 375 nm, 980 nm and 1550 nm Excitation WavelengthPL Spectroscopy Function with Mapping Functionality for 375 nm, 980 nm and 1550 nm Excitation Wavelength to examine PL Intensity distribution on the surfaceRs.1500/- per sampleThin films/powderCurrently not working
2Integrated Transient absorption. spectroscopy system with femtosecond lasers, power meter, OPA, spectrometerCOHERENT AND ULTRAFAST SYSTEMSTransient Absorption and Z-scanRs.1500/- For Transient Absorption Rs.500 For Z-scanthin films or liquid or samples which do not scatter laserlight
3VT 112 UHV SYSTEM FOR GROWTH AND ANALYSIS WITH AES LEED.VARIANAESRs.500/-semiconductor of metal films/wafers,Need to provide 100 CF flange for one sample
4IV/ CV measurement instrumentKeithley 4200V and CV measurement of thin film material & devicesRs.1000 (For IV only) Rs.1500 (For both IV and CV)with metal contacts
5Stress measurement set-upFSMStress and radius of curvature of thin filmsRs.1500wafer 1 inch minimum, thin film on flexible substrate
6Spectroscopic EllipsometryM/s J. A. Woollam Co. Inc.n.k,d (Thickness) wavelength range 200-800nmRs.1000Thin film (metals and semiconductors)
7Atomic Force MicroscopyM/s NT
MDT-Solver P47- Pro
Surface morphology and Roughness analysisRs.15001cmx1cm thin film substrate
8Raman SpectrometerRenishaw in Via Raman ReflexRaman spectrum in 50-3200 wavenumber by 514 nm and/or 785 nmRs.1200Solid powder or film
9UV-VIS SpectrometerShimadzuAbsorption spectra of solution and filmsRs.500with details of solubility
10Four Point Probe/resistivity measurement SystemQuad Pro, Lucas USAResistivity/conductivity measurementRs.1000/- per samplesemiconductor thin film/wafer2cmx2cm
11XRD-miniflexRigakuCrystallographic structure and phase analysisRs.1000Powder and solid samples
12Rapid Thermal ProcessorAS-one-150annealing of silicon samples onlyRs.1000silicon samples only
13Electrochemical WorkstationAutolabCyclic voltammetry and Frequency response analysisRs.1500Powder or pasteElectrolyte should be mentioned prior
14LS-SS Luminuce speedo meterPerkinElmer LS 55FluorescenceRs.500powder/solid materials
15Climate ChamberSR labsRs.1000Size limitation 2feet
16HPLC SystemVarianHPLCRs.1500Solvents
17Sinton lifetime measurement systemWCT120minority carrier lifetime of siliconRs.1000Silicon wafers (2″ min)
18Low Temp I-V MeasurementCharge transportRs.1500Metal electrodeConfiguration device to be specified
19UV-Vis-NIR SpectrophotometerLambda1050Transmittance/Absorbance/Reflectance of sold/liquid materialsRs.1000solid/liquid materials
20Solar SimulatorPETOrganic Solar cells I-VRs.1500Device
21Glove box with metalizationJacomaxFabrication of Organic devices in Inert mediumRs.1500
22Modular Compact
Anton-Paar MCR102Viscosity measurement of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian liquidRs.1000 per sampleLiquid
23Helium Leak detectorAdixenLeak check in vacuum systemsRs.500N/a
24J-V measurement system infaced with computer along with solar simulatorKiethleysolar cell device parametersRs.1500/per deviceSolar cell DeviceNeed to discuss before doing measurement
25Glove box and Glove box accessoriesMBRAUNOrganic Solar Cell device fabricationRs.1500/per deviceall materials for the device fabricationNeed to discuss before device fabrication
26Laser ScriberITO/FTO etchingRs.1500/per sampleITO/FTONeed discussion
27Thermal evaporatorElectrodingRs.1500/per runMaterials
28Photoluminescence Spectrometer (PL) Equipped with Time-resolved measurement facilityEdinburgh Model No. F-900PL and Time-resolved measurementRs.500thin film /powder/liquid
29Thermal EvaporationMansha Vaccum equipmentmetal and low melting material evaporation Rs.1200material and substrate needs to be provided
30FTIR SpectrophotometerNicolet IS50/Thermofisheroptical properties (absorbance/transmission) 400-4000 cm-1Rs.500 per samplepowder samples or thin films
31UV Vis SpectrophotometerAgilent Technologiesoptical properties (absorbance/transmission) 400-4000 cm-1Rs.500 per samplethin films on suitable substrate
32Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) with Energy Dispersive spectro